Sometimes clients request expert guidance as they lead their organizations to better performance. pdi is skilled at coaching of both executives and of internal support teams.

Executive Coaching
For individual executives and executive teams, pdi offers coaching and guidance in the following areas:

  • How to design and implement an effective performance-based measurement and management system
  • How to design and lead a “process-centered organization”
  • How to design functions, jobs and roles for better performance
  • How to coach employees for better performance
  • How to establish an internal performance consulting service

Internal Consultant Coaching
Many organizations have various departments and experts whose mission is to assist the organization in improving performance. Whether these disciplines are centralized or distributed, whether they are housed inside OD, HR, Training, Process Excellence or IT, pdi has a successful history of coaching the individuals to success.

Project Coaching
In all our projects we transfer know-how and skills to internal experts. If desired we coach those experts after the project has ended and support them to achieve the desired level of performance even faster.



  • At this year’s ISPI conference Klaus Wittkuhn was awarded the

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New Projects

  • Germany :
    - Retailer: International Roll-out of sales management system
    - Energy provider: Support HR to transit to Business Partner Approach

  • USA
    International retailer: Design of development plans for internal consulting department and all internal consultants

  • Canada
    Energy provider: Implementation of Performance Management System together with PDL

  • Nicaragua
    Association in health care sector: Organization assessment

  • USA
    Logistics: Design of Value Chain and Core Processes, Growth Scenarios, Roadmap for organization development