Our name is our mission

Performance is the criterion that makes the difference between the most successful companies and their less successful competitors. Nothing matters as much as delivering high performance!
We know from empirical studies that staff productivity is underutilized by 40% in the average company, while managers often toil under misconceptions about the reasons for poor productivity.*
Yet the factors that affect staff performance in companies are well understood.

Performance and productivity are not matters of chance. They are the result of careful design of all the factors that influence performance.
This calls for intelligent strategies and tried-and-tested tools that deliver dependable results – tools that remain available for use by our clients even when our input is over.

Today’s managers expect support in the form of leading-edge expertise. This is only acquired by interacting with a wide range of experts from international companies, universities and associations.
In international corporations we raise staff performance systematically and sustainably in project teams. Our tools have been piloted and proven in practice, and feedback is used continuously for further development.

Thanks to our collaborations with universities, we are always operating at the forefront of new developments.
As a member of the Think Tank of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), we have a direct role in developing new principles and methodologies.

We are called upon to share our expertise as lecturers in higher education and as members of ISPI training staff.

* Proudfoot consulting, International labour and productivity studies 1992-2003,
Missing millions, How companies mismanage their most valuable resource, 2003



  • At this year’s ISPI conference Klaus Wittkuhn was awarded the

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New Projects

  • Germany :
    - Retailer: International Roll-out of sales management system
    - Energy provider: Support HR to transit to Business Partner Approach

  • USA
    International retailer: Design of development plans for internal consulting department and all internal consultants

  • Canada
    Energy provider: Implementation of Performance Management System together with PDL

  • Nicaragua
    Association in health care sector: Organization assessment

  • USA
    Logistics: Design of Value Chain and Core Processes, Growth Scenarios, Roadmap for organization development